Council to act on travellers

Andy Burnham
Andy Burnham
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PLANNERS have acted to prevent a Dale Farm-style gypsy camp springing up.

They have put a ring of stone slabs around the land which has been repeatedly targetted by travellers during the year.

The obstructions will allow dog walkers and legal users access to Mosley Common while barring caravans from entering.

The move follows a campaign from ward councillors Barry Taylor and Brendan Bowen plus community activist Joanne Platt backed by their MP Andy Burnham.

The had given residents assurances that they would take action after outrage over the amount of rubbish - along with tyre track damage - caused to the common and neighbouring Bridgewater Road playing fields, caused by the incursions.

Both councillors ensured that council bosses took immediate steps to enforce their removal through prompt court action.

But with several visits to the open land by traveller families and their vehicles over the summer, they were demanding a permanent barrier be installed to restrict access.

Ward Coun Brendan Bowen said that the repeated return of travellers to the site this summer plus the scale of the litter left behind for the council to remove required speedy action.

He said: “I am pleased that the permanent barriers will protect these sites from further occupation and save hard pressed tax-payers cash.”

A spokesman for Wigan Leisure and Culture Trust said: “Boulders have now been placed around the site which should prevent any further incidents.”