Council house tenant evicted

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AN aggressive and abusive taunter has been evicted from his council house due to his anti-social behaviour.

John Geoffrey Unsworth, 67, of Oxford Rd, Atherton, subjected his neighbours to aggressive and abusive taunts from the window of his top floor flat for many years, often at unreasonable hours of the day.

Wigan and Leigh Housing staff have supported the residents by seeking an Anti Social Behaviour Injunction to control Mr Unsworth’s behaviour. However, he breached this injunction on several occasions, which resulted in him serving several prison sentences and ultimately to his eviction from the council property.

Chair of Wigan and Leigh Housing, Neil Turner, said: “We have tried to work with this tenant to make him realise that the way that he has been behaving was totally unacceptable. However this has been unsuccessful, meaning that we had to take more forceful action. We sought an injunction to try and control his behaviour, and when this was breached we took the decision to seek to end his tenancy. Our tenants have the right to live in a peaceful, safe environment and we will not tolerate behaviour that disrupts people’s lives in this way.”

Inspector Liz Sanderson from Greater Manchester Police said: “The Atherton Neighbourhood Policing Team has worked closely with Wigan and Leigh Housing over many months with regards to eviction proceedings for this tenant. Mr Unsworth has subjected his neighbours to several years of Anti-Social Behaviour, which has significantly impacted on the neighbours` quality of life. We will continue to work with partners to ensure those who engage in ASB are dealt with accordingly.”