Church faces land sale probe

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ALLEGATIONS relating to the sale of land at Kings Park Christian Centre are under evaluation by the Charities Commission.

A spokesperson from the Commission said: "We are evaluating information that has been given in complaints we have received. In particular the allegations are that the charity's land is to be sold.

"If, after the initial evaluation of the information, there are further concerns then an investigation could follow.

"We have been in touch with the trustees and are hoping to meet with them soon."

Last year the church sold part of its premises at the old Leigh CE High School, Leigh Road, to Redwaters for the building of flats and a further sale of land at the site is planned.

Kings Park, one of a Pentecostal fellowship of churches known as the Assemblies of God, has been under the ministry of Ghanaian Yaw Adu Dwumaa for the last six years.

According to Mr Dwumaa, the money from any sale of land would be used to expand the ministry of the church.

He said: "If complaints have been received by the Charities Commission then they are doing what is right by looking into the them.

"But so far I have not received any correspondence from the Charities Commission.

"We have been serving the community for many years and will continue to do so regardless of anything that is thrown at us.

"It seems that there is somebody out there who is aggrieved with the church and is trying to bring us into disrepute.'