Changes to bin rota will help save £2m

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Cash-strapped council bosses say they have no alternative but to introduce the controversial three-weekly bin collections.

The switch to a three week cycle will save the town hall £2m, authority leaders have said.

This will enable them to keep council tax down with residents due to see a three per cent rise to help fund adult social care for the next municipal year.

The new collection rota is also hoped to stimulate recycling rates with the town hall hoping to improve from 45 to 50 per cent in order to avoid massive fines from the Government by 2019/20. Larger families or households concerned they will not be able to cope under the new system can apply for extra bins but must meet specific criteria, the council has said.

Each household will be offered the chance to have a “waste audit” conducted by council staff to help them recycle and dispose of waste better.

The report, which details the council’s 2017/18 budget adds: “Evidence from other councils who have implemented three weekly black bin collections indicates they have not experienced any significant increase in issues relating to flies, maggots and vermin.

“We would however plan to run a number of educational messages leading up to any changes which will give tips on how residents can manage their waste and bins effectively to eliminate such issues.

“It should be noted that all food waste can now go into the green bin; this will continue to be emptied on a fortnightly basis during summer, which will help prevent issues with flies, maggots, vermin and odour.”