Car narrowly misses two young children

Jamie Ashcroft and Katie Foxwell-Smith with daughter Lola Foxwell Smith-Ashcroft
Jamie Ashcroft and Katie Foxwell-Smith with daughter Lola Foxwell Smith-Ashcroft
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A MUM has described the terrifying moment a car smashed through her front room, narrowly missing her one-day-old baby.

Katie Foxwell-Smith was sitting on her sofa by the window in her home in Wigan Road, Leigh, with her friend’s one-year-old son, when she felt the force of the crash.

Her newborn daughter, Lola, was with her friend at the other end of the room, shell shocked as they were surrounded in bricks and broken glass.

Katie, 16, a former Lowton High School pupil, said: “I was in the front room with my partner Jamie Ashcroft, 15, his cousin, Rebecca France, 18, and her little lad, TJ. TJ was sat at my feet by the sofa in front of the window and Rebecca was holding Lola. Jamie was sat next to me on the sofa.

“The next minute, we heard a screech and bricks and glass went flying. Rebecca ran out to the back garden with my baby and I picked up TJ straight away.

“He didn’t see what happened, so he was quite calm and didn’t cry.

“We ran into the back garden, went through the side gate and went to the front of the house, where we saw a man with his car.

“I am glad we had a garden wall, which slowed the car down, otherwise it would have come straight through the house and could have seriously hurt us.

“The front room was a mess. There was glass all over the sofa and bits of car debris everywhere.

“It was really frightening - we could have been seriously injured or killed. I had only just brought my daughter back from hospital. I did not expect this to happen on her first day. It all happened so quickly - it was a massive shock.

“I also live with my mum, Debbie Foxwell and my five-year-old brother. I am glad that they were not there.”

The driver escaped unharmed, with minor cuts and bruises, and had managed to get out of the vehicle, which landed on its side.

A man was reported by Greater Manchester Police for dangerous driving and will be summonsed at a later date.

Katie added: “I am annoyed that there is no police action. It was very dangerous. He should not be allowed to drive again. The police should not have let him go. I have not heard back from the police about whether any action will be taken.

“We live in a privately rented home and the landlord has been to assess the damage. It is likely to run into thousands to repair the front of the house. It is such a mess.”

An officer from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service attended to inspect the structure of the semi-detached property and deemed it safe.