Cancer fears again for little Callum

Callum Peers
Callum Peers
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A SIX-year-old boy who had battled cancer is facing the reality that it has returned.

Callum Peers, of Leigh, was only four when he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, but after he had the tumour removed from his abdomen, and further treatment, it had disappeared and he was declared cancer-free in December 2014.

But now, after 14 months, an abnormal urine sample revealed it is likely it has come back.

His mum, Nicola Cunnings, said: “Callum has checks every three months. During the November check he was fine and he was supposed to have another scan at the end of February but last week he was walking funny which was a sign before he was diagnosed.

“We contacted Manchester Royal Hospital and his urine sample came back abnormal and we think the cancer is more than likely back.

“It is really emotional and I have hardly stopped crying. He doesn’t know anything at the minute and we are keeping a normal routine.

“When he was first diagnosed he was only four and we just told him he was having medicine to make his tummy better. If it has come back again, I don’t know what I am going to tell him.

“He is still not eating properly but he has lots of energy and was able to go to school earlier this week, but he has started to feel unwell again.”

In March 2013 the Leigh Central Primary School pupil was referred to Wigan Royal Infirmary and doctors began treating him for rheumatoid arthritis. But when he continued to deteriorate he was referred to Alder Hey in June 2013.

He started his first round of chemotherapy at Alder Hey and he took part in a Cancer Research UK-funded clinical trial at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, allowing him to have promising new therapies to treat neuroblastoma.

To show their support, Facebook users will do a Wave of Light tonight at 8pm, showing photos of candles for Callum, as well as six-year-old Braiden Prescott, of Ince, and four-year-old Charlie Taylor, of Leigh, who are also battling cancer.

Nicola added: “It is fantastic that people are doing this. Callum has a lot of people behind him which is also a good thing in case he needs to raise money for life saving treatment.”

To follow Callum’s progress visit Callum Lee Peers fight against Neuroblastoma on Facebook.