Call for equal pay for binmen

Wigan Council binmen
Wigan Council binmen
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A WIGAN Council workers’ union is calling for comparable pay rates across all Greater Manchester authorities for bin-men and depot staff.

GMB members who work in refuse, recycling and street cleaning roles were asked to voice their experiences on pay and conditions of employment at a conference at the weekend.

The move comes as union leaders have become concerned about different pay rate across GM’s 10 local authorities for staff doing the same job.

Topics for discussion will include hourly pay rates, holiday entitlement, sick pay and other work related payments.

Michael Dooley, GMB organiser said: “There is evidence that the pay scales in one district of Manchester are higher than the pay scales in others.

“In our refuse depots workers are on different employment contracts and different wages for doing exactly the same job at the same time.

“GMB members want a single universal pay scale with one contract of employment so every worker is treated the same. GMB members from each district sent representatives from street sweepers, and waste disposal including loaders and drivers and a strategy was decided for implementing the members’ demands.”

Staff at Wigan’s super-depot in Ince have become under-fire in recent weeks following the airing of the controversial documentary Don’t Blame the Council in which bin-men teams were heavily featured. Environment services boss Terry Dunn has been temporarily relieved of his duties as part of a review into how the scenes came to be filmed.

As part of cost cutting measures, Wigan and Bolton Council have been working in partnership to provide certain services and council leaders have reassured residents this will continue despite concerns about what was shown in the documentary.