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Theresa's May is emotional as she announces she will step down as Prime Minister
Theresa's May is emotional as she announces she will step down as Prime Minister

As I write this, Theresa May is experiencing her last few hours as Prime Minister and I would love to be a fly on the wall as she becomes another chapter end in Britain’s turbulent history.

Whatever you think of our second-ever female PM (and let’s be honest we have thought many, many, things) and putting Brexit misery aside, I have a begrudging admiration for anyone so doggedly ambitious she fought for the most poisonous of chalices - only for it to be even more awful than she ever imagined.

Theresa May probably needs a drink

Theresa May probably needs a drink

If this was Game of Thrones she would have been incinerated by dragons, but this is Britain so her demise was less dramatic and conspired over malicious back-office parliament tea breaks.

Putting politics aside, she did seem like a pretty unlikely candidate for the top job from the get-go.

Though a career politician, she seemed to lack the gallons of egotistical posturing of most our previous PMs of all political persuasions - but it was perhaps this lack of obvious charisma which saw her quietly tiptoe into power only to be torn down by those supposed to be her allies.

Before she was tipped as a possible candidate, myself and my boss Gill had a meeting with her - then Home Secretary - at newspaper towers.

The subject was upcoming Police and Crime commissioner elections and I felt I had met a very competent, efficient, pleasant woman, who despite an exhausting timetable, managed to remember both of our names.

A small detail, but one that sticks in the mind when you have met a lot of top politicians (and I’ve met Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Cameron) .

I came away from the meeting with the feeling I’d met a professional - though it didn’t cross my mind she would be a future PM.

I had the feeling I‘d been motivated to do better in my exams by an accomplished headteacher.

Not a bad thing.

Theresa May as Prime Minister was an imploded experiment for the UK, a failed test of a different type of leader.

But we do need change to survive this chapter and could do worse than looking to New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern for a PM personality-type to get us through.

Or, if winter is coming, Daenerys Targaryen perhaps?

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