One in five households out of work

NEARLY one in five households in Wigan borough had no-one aged between 16 and 64 in employment during 2012.

Information from the Office of National Statistics showed that 19.4 per cent of Wigan households were classed as workless last year.

However, while it is still above the UK average of 18.1 per cent, it is lower than most other parts of Greater Manchester.

Manchester had 26.2 per cent of households classed as workless last year, while Rochdale has 25.1 and Bolton 24.2.

Only Trafford (15.5 per cent) Stockport (15.7) and Bury (17.5) had fewer workless households than Wigan borough.

Wigan’s figure is lower than the 2011 figure of 20.2 per cent.

Across the UK, Glasgow had the highest number of workless households (30.2 per cent) followed by Liverpool (28.7) and then Hull (27.6)

The figures emerged a week after the Office for National Statistics published data showing that the proportion of UK households was at its lowest since comparable records began in 1996. The statistics showed there were 3.5 million such households in the UK between April and June this year, about 17.1 per cent of all households containing a working age adult.

This was down from 3.7 million, or 17.9 per cent, a year earlier.

The areas with the lowest percentage of workless households were Hampshire, where just 10.6 per cent are workless, followed by North Northamptonshire with 11.2 per cent, Buckingham County Council and West Sussex, both with 11.3 per cent and Surrey with 11.4 per cent.