Bus dispute: Union warns of more disruption ahead

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A union boss says that there could be more disruption on the buses.

Unite national officer for passenger transport Bobby Morton told the Manx Independent the decision on its next move in the dispute would be made when he visited the island next week.

‘There will be further strike action unless we can resolve the problems,’ he said.

A 12-day strike ended yesterday (Wednesday).

Mr Morton claimed all it would take to reach an agreement was ‘a bit of nudge’ by the Department of Community, Culture and Leisure, which runs Bus Vannin.

He said the sticking point was the four-and-a-half hour duty length, which was a health and safety risk.

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Both DCCL chief executive Nick Black and Chief Minister Allan Bell have dismissed these concerns.

It’s an increase from the previous maximum of three hours and 45 minutes.

Mr Morton said that while bus drivers in London worked longer duties of five-and-a-half hours ‘they are allowed toilet breaks and there are facililies all around London’.

Bus drivers are allowed to stop to go to the loo. Click here to read management’s perspective

Allan Bell said that if there was no agreement, the government would have to consider redundancies and cuts in bus services.

For the full story, see this week’s Manx Independent.

The TT timetable will remain in place until the end of Friday, Senior Race Day, a bank holiday in the Isle of Man.

Services will operate to the regular timetable from Saturday.

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