Burnham braced for ‘revenge reshuffle’

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BOROUGH MPs Lisa Nandy and Andy Burnham are preparing themselves for an expected shadow cabinet reshuffle by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn this week.

There is speculation shadow home secretary Mr Burnham (pictured) is one of a number of high-profile party figures to be ousted from Mr Corbyn’s top team.

The expected reshuffle has been branded a “revenge reshuffle”, with Mr Corbyn purging critics from his shadow cabinet.

Ex-London mayor Ken Livingston, a close ally of Mr Corbyn, said Mr Burnham could be asked to swap jobs with shadow foreign secretary Hiliary Benn.

While Leigh MP Mr Burnham has never openly criticised the far-left Labour leader he was Mr Corbyn’s main rival during the leadership election and remains a figurehead for many moderate party MPs.

Wigan MP Lisa Nandy is expected to be one of the big winners from any reshuffle. Currently serving as shadow secretary of state for energy and climate change, she is seen as a party high-flier and close ally of Mr Corbyn, with many tipping her as a future party leader.

Meanwhile, Mr Corbyn has been warned by veteran frontbencher Pat McFadden that Mr Corbyn would look “petty and divisive” if he carried out his so-called revenge reshuffle.

Shadow cabinet minister Michael Dugher, whose own place is reported to be in jeopardy, warned the leader would end up with a “politburo of seven” at the top of the party if he attempted to surround himself with allies.

Mr McFadden told BBC Radio 4’s Westminster Hour: “Also if you look at Jeremy Corbyn’s own record, his whole career is based on disagreeing with party leaders so I think there is a danger for him in this, in carrying out a reshuffle as a punishment for shadow ministers who disagree with him.”