Brass at the Formby

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‘Cry of the Celts’ is the title of the Sunday afternoon concert being performed by Wingates Brass Band at Formby Hall, Atherton on July 8.

Musical Director Andy Berryman is currently putting the finishing touches to the concert programme which he may use as preparation for the Band’s visit to Jersey starting on August 23.

In Jersey Andy hopes to perform ‘Extreme Make-over’ by John de Meij and resident composer Lucy Pankhurst’s award winning ‘In Pitch Black’ commissioned by the Band in commemoration of the Pretoria Pit Disaster and these could well feature in the concert.

Whatever is included in the programme it is guaranteed to illustrate the exciting journey that is widening the Band’s musical repertoire.

The concert starts at 2pm, admission £8 (£6 concessions), pay at the door.