Brain tumour dad pleads for your help

James Hinnigan from Ashton-in-Makerfield with partner Wendi Pickering, right, and son Cameron, 18-months-old
James Hinnigan from Ashton-in-Makerfield with partner Wendi Pickering, right, and son Cameron, 18-months-old
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A DAD who has a brain tumour is pleading for people to sign a petition to fund more research into the condition, which is the biggest cancer killer of under 40s.

James Hinnigan, from Ashton, says he wants to raise awareness of the campaign, started by Maria Lester, after her brother, Stephen died of a brain tumour, in a bid to prevent more lives being wasted.

The 36-year-old, who was diagnosed six months ago, said: “I didn’t realise just how underfunded it was and I want to make other people aware of it, as the brain is just as important as other parts of the body.

“This petition was started by a woman who lost her brother and I want as many people to sign it as if there are 100,000 signatures there has to be a discussion in Parliament. I have been in touch with local MPs, asking them to sign it. The more people that know the better.

“Very little is spent on brain cancer research, yet it kills more children and young adults than any other cancer.

“People can spend money on voting for The X Factor or Strictly Come Dancing, so why not sign a vital petition for free.

“If anyone is going through the same thing, they should know they are not alone.

“Maybe if there is enough people in the area, we can set up a support group.”

James was living in the Margaret River area of Western Australia, doing maintenance work, when he discovered he had a brain tumour and his whole world came tumbling down.

He was due to marry his long-term partner, Wendy, in November, but postponed the big day and he is now expecting his second child in May.

He said: “I had a seizure and I thought I had a stroke at first.

“But after different scans, I was told it was a brain tumour - a low grade glioma. I was devastated and we decided to come back home permanently for treatment. I was going to get married in November, but we have had to put a hold on everything. My mates still went on the stag do in Ibiza, whilst I was stuck at home. It has been a rough time.

“I should be having surgery in the next two to three weeks in early February at either the Walton Centre, or in London - I have to decide.

“Doctors are hoping to get the tumour out and then it will be monitored regularly.”

To sign the petition, visit