Boy injured after bridge fall

Paramedics assisted a boy who fell from a bridge
Paramedics assisted a boy who fell from a bridge
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A BOY was taken to hospital after he plunged several feet from a bridge.

The 11-year-old was walking along Park Lane, Leigh, when he fell from the bridge, which was estimated to be around 15ft high, at around 3pm on Saturday.

He landed in the river, which was about six inches deep.

Paramedics from North West Ambulance were the first on scene and as they were unable to lift the boy, they called the fire service.

Crews from Leigh used a large ladder and harnessing equipment to lift him to safety.

He sustained a fracture to his left arm and was taken to hospital.

A spokesman for Leigh Fire Service said: “The bridge was exposed on the non-road side, near the water and he must have slipped.

“We urge everyone to be extra careful around bridges and open water.”