Borough yoga teacher promotes home birth, reiki and placenta smoothies

Becky Hampson with son Vinnie. Photo by Darren Turner
Becky Hampson with son Vinnie. Photo by Darren Turner
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A pole dance and yoga teacher has used her talents to raise money for a home birth charity after giving birth to her second son in a pool in her living room.

Becky Hampson, 33, is hoping to raise awareness of the benefits of home births after a combination of yoga, reiki and placenta smoothies saw her bounce back to peak physical health in a matter of weeks.

The mum-of-two from Lowton showed off her now six-month-old son, Vinnie, at the fundraising event at Tramp2lean trampoline park on Moss Industrial Estate.

“I decided to raise money for Manchester home birth after experiencing a blissful rememberable home birth using yoga and reiki as my tool,” said Becky. “This is so important to me as a reiki and yoga teacher as I wanted to see how strong and capable the universe was and it really showed me and took me through every section of my labour with ease and happiness.

“After a traumatic labour with my first son that could have been the cause of my postnatal depression I really wanted to have a relaxed homebirth and use my yoga and reiki to prevent this outcome again.”

Becky, who works in a multitude of teaching roles including yoga, aerial, hoop and pole, said that consuming her own placenta after birth was one of the reasons she was able to make such a quick recovery

“I had read fab stuff about the benefits of it,” she said. “I’m amazed and how well I felt and energised after them and even though they tasted horrible I wish I had some left due to how good it made me feel.

“It really helped me get back training after the birth and helped my mindset when complimented with the yoga and reiki.”

After returning to teaching, Becky decided to raise money for the Manchester home birth charity who made her peaceful labour possible.

She added: “I raised the money through a junior showcase where my students performed on the aerial hoop and myself and class helper Emma guest performed.

“I sold tickets for £5 and had a raffle with the most incredible local donations from local companies.

“One of our guests won the hypnobirthing course. There was one ticket donated by Kara Owen from Open Health in Wigan.

“It was like the universe talking as she is having a baby in 13 weeks after being told she couldn’t have one.

Sometimes our bodies are much more capable than medics say and it’s how we look after them inside out that creates who we are and what we can achieve.”

The event raised £223 for the charity, enough to buy two new birthing pools.

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