Bid to put trampolining on curriculum

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Wigan school pupils could soon be flying high in PE lessons following the launch of an audacious bid to put trampolining on the curriculum.

Oxygen Freejumping, which has just opened the borough’s latest trampoline attraction at Robin Park, is encouraging residents to sign a petition backing the change.

The firm wants to get 10,000 signatures in order to take the petition to Wigan Council asking for freejumping to be included in PE classes.

As well as livening up lessons with some high-flying trampoline fun the company also believes the sport is a great way to get the country’s young people more active.

Oxygen Freejumping CEO David Stalker said: “Freejumping is the newest way for children to get active with the rise in popularity of trampoline parks across the country.

“Research shows trampolining has many health benefits, but above all else it is great fun.

“In an age where children’s entertainment often revolves around technology, we believe exercise needs to be fun, smile on their face and that’s why we are trying to get freejumping on the curriculum.

It would be fantastic if the local community would join our mission and sign the petition, We are excited to get as many people jumping as possible at our new Wigan venue.”

Oxygen Freejumping has launched its mission to get Wigan youngsters bouncing after stats released by ukactive showed only half of seven-year-olds are meeting the national physical activity guidelines, with girls significantly less likely to be active enough than boys.

The study also showed UK seven-year-olds are, on average, sat still for more than 6.4 hours each day.

Statistics for teenagers are little better, with just over one in 10 girls aged 14 meeting the official guidelines for physical activity, half the figure for boys.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) believes inactivity is the fourth largest cause of premature death and directly contributes to one in six fatalities in the UK making it as dangerous as smoking.

Oxygen Freejumping’s facility at Robin Park is the latest trampoline parks to spring up across the borough, with the concept capturing the imagination of Wiganers of all ages.

As well as spectacular layouts of trampolines to bounce on the parks often have facilities including special exercise and fitness sessions, dodgeball zones and DJ nights.

The Robin Park venture is also backed by well-known freerunner Sebastien Foucan, who has appeared in James Bond films and is setting up an academy dedicated to the sport in Wigan.

To sign the petition or find out more, visit