Betting shop flasher lands in dock

Man charged with murder
Man charged with murder
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A SMIRKING flasher left a betting shop assistant terrified after exposing himself to her, a court heard.

Family man Josh Beesley was a regular customer in the bookies but in May his behaviour took an alarming and sinister turn.

She was trying to respond to his questions as if nothing was wrong. Her head was spinning and he carried on a normal conversation about scratch cards

Keith Sutton, prosecuting

The 23-year-old emerged from the toilets while exposing himself and then the usually monosyllabic punter began chatting away to the horrified woman assistant as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

He was the only customer and she was the only member of staff in the premises in Gerard Street, Ashton, when his “bizarre” behaviour occurred and she feared for her safety, said Keith Sutton, prosecuting.

He said she noticed that he was exposing himself and that his hi-vis jacket was open. She tried only looking at his face.

“She was trying to respond to his questions as if nothing was wrong. Her head was spinning and he carried on a normal conversation about scratch cards,” said Mr Sutton.

“She tried to stay calm and described it as unbelievable.”

The cashier looked down at the CCTV screen to see that she was not mistaken and saw that he was indeed exposing himself and suddenly feared that the counter door was not locked.

“She looked away in total disgust. He had a sly smirk on his face and then started asking questions again to get her to look at him. She described it as ‘creepy and horrible’ and she was ‘scared and angry’,” he said.

A couple came in and after she served them she saw him again smirking at her and repeatedly asked ‘did you see anything then? Fortunately one of her colleagues then arrived and Beesley left.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that the next afternoon he returned, again in a high-vis jacket which “caused her total panic, but he was betting as if nothing had happened.”

She called the police and Beesley was arrested. In an impact statement the woman said that she had been “shaken to the core”. When interviewed Beesley claimed he had not realised had been exposing himself.

Beesley, of Dovedale Road, Ashton, pleaded guilty to exposure on May 18 and was made the subject of a three-year community order with attendance on the Northumbria Sex Offenders programme.

He also has to pay court fees totalling £960, sign the Sex Offenders’ Register for five years and keep away from the betting shop.

Sentencing him, Judge Andrew Hatton said that he had exposed himself for a sustained period of time while talking to the woman “as if you had no care in the world.

“It was extraordinary behaviour particularly for a man of good character who is so highly spoken of in a letter from a friend.”

Martin Pizzey, defending, said that Beesley accepts “it was weird and he does not know what was going through his head. He accepts it was unacceptable and he is embarrassed and ashamed.”

Beesley, who is employed, had only been married for about a year but his wife is sticking by him.

Social services had been involved after the incident and for a while he could not live in the family home, he said.

“It is difficult for him to explain his bizarre behaviour. He does not know what came over him,” said Mr Pizzey.