Bedroom fire fills house with smoke

Fire service
Fire service
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A terraced house was left badly smoke-logged following a fire in the bedroom.

Crews were called to the empty property on Firs Lane in Leigh at around 11.45pm on Saturday.

Firefighters found the mattress in an upstairs room was ablaze and the entire first floor was full of thick black smoke.

There was also a small fire downstairs where the phone box near a damaged window had been set alight.

Crews wearing breathing apparatus entered the unoccupied house to tackle the fire before using a large fan to clear out all the smoke.

Crew manager Timothy Selby from Leigh fire station said: “It wasn’t a big fire but the mattress was completely destroyed and there was enough material to fill all the first floor with smoke.

“The fire was confined to the bedroom.”

Firefighters from Leigh, Atherton and Hindley stations attended the scene and crews were there for around an hour.

The blaze is being treated as suspicious and Greater Manchester Police (GMP) have been informed.