Bedroom blaze sparks candles warning

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Residents are being warned about the dangers of lighting candles following a blaze in a bedroom.

Emergency services were called to an address on Lime Vale in Spring View after a flame caught some blinds and set the curtains on fire.

If people are lighting candles they should be put in a suitable container

Watch manager Gareth Gray

The candle had been placed on a windowsill in the upstairs bedroom of the house at around 10.30pm on Thursday March 9.

Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus tackled the fire before the crews used a fan to clear the smoke-logged bedroom.

The woman in the house was unhurt and the damage was confined to the bedroom, but crews said the woman was lucky to have spotted the blaze as she did not have working smoke alarms.

The fire service is now reminding Wiganers to take care when leaving candles lit around the house.

Watch manager Gareth Gray from Wigan fire station said: “She had been lighting candles on the windowsill and fortunately noticed all the smoke upstairs.
“We could see the flames in the window when we arrived and there was quite a bit of smoke damage.

“If people are lighting candles they should be put in a suitable container.”

Crews from Wigan fire station were at the scene around 45 minutes and also fitted two new smoke alarms to the property.