Anger as lorry blocks exit for drive-through

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An angry motorist is calling for changes to be made to a coffee shop drive-through after she was stuck there for more than 10 minutes.

The woman, who has asked not to be named, visited the recently-opened Costa Coffee, at Parsonage Retail Park in Leigh, while in the area for work on Thursday.

The driver took this photograph of the lorry blocking the exit to the new Costa Coffee drive-through in Leigh

The driver took this photograph of the lorry blocking the exit to the new Costa Coffee drive-through in Leigh

But after buying her coffee, she was unable to leave the drive-through because a lorry was blocking her exit.

A driver was making deliveries to the nearby Subway restaurant and there was not enough space for her to get out.

The woman said: “The driver refused to move. I thought he would do eventually. I got partway out. I couldn’t turn and the cars began to stack up on the left.

“The drivers in other cars were shouting at the driver, he was shouting at me telling me it was my fault because I was blocking the road, the other drivers were shouting at me.”

The woman wanted to call Costa Coffee to ask their staff to help, but could not find a phone number online.

Instead, she called staff at the Costa Coffee at Next, on the same retail park, and workers went over to see what was happening.

The woman said: “It was after 10 minutes by this time and the coffee was cold. There were drivers stacked up behind me. A driver got out and said he would knock him out. It was uproar.

“This driver was really abusive to everybody there.”

The woman phoned Subway’s head office, but says she was told they could not help because it was a franchise.

She also said the delivery driver refused to reverse and everyone had to wait until he had finished his work.

She left at 2.32pm, after an 11-minute wait.

She is now calling on the design of the drive-through and the surrounding area to be reviewed.

The woman said: “Who has designed that retail park? Who has done a drive-through that you can’t drive out of?”

While she was not happy with the delivery driver, she did believe that the design of the retail park was a big issue.

She said: “If it’s designed where people have to make allowances to move, how can he make deliveries if he constantly has to move?”

A Subway spokesman said: “In this instance, the company that delivers product to our stores is a third party external distribution firm.

“As soon as we became aware of this complaint, we raised it with the distribution firm, who advised that the customer was offered assistance at the time and that there were no instances of verbal abuse from the driver.

“Our team on site confirmed that to be accurate.

“We have also taken this opportunity to review with the distribution firm the scheduled delivery times and best location for their distribution vehicles to park in order to complete their delivery.”

We contacted Costa Coffee but did not receive a response before going to print.