An MPV ahead of the curve

The Mazda 5
The Mazda 5
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The Mazda5 looks a sensible option for those needing MPV practicality but still wanting nice aesthetics and a fun drive from their family car.

It’s a compact MPV with up to seven seats and sliding side doors that help it stand out alongside rivals.

Mazda has also pushed the stylistic boat out, giving the car some adventurous detailing and the suspension is set-up for a sporty feel on the road.

Power is derived from a select line-up of petrol and diesel engines with Mazda particularly proud of its 2.0-litre DISI petrol unit which comes fitted with i-Stop stop/start technology.

It’s a 148bhp engine capable of covering the 0-62mph sprint in 11s. The other petrol option is a 1.8-litre 113bhp unit that takes 12.8s to do the same but is priced at a more accessible level. The diesel option is a 1.6-litre unit with 115bhp.

For a relatively big vehicle, combined cycle economy is OK with the 2.0-litre DISI petrol unit returning 41mpg with the aid of its i-Stop stop/start technology. The 1.8-litre petrol gets 39mpg with CO2 emissions of 168g/km compared to 159g/km from the 2.0-litre model. Most however, will want to consider 115bhp the 1.6-litre diesel variant which manages 54.3mpg on the combined cycle and puts out 138g/km of CO2.

People carriers are usually more concerned with carrying people successfully than attracting attention with audacious design innovations and rightly so.

The latest Mazda5 doesn’t do anything too over the top but its sleek lines and curvy detailing do add an element of interest that’s often missing from the MPV class.


CAR: Mazda5

PRICES: £17,695-£21,495 - on the road


CO2 EMISSIONS: 138-168g/km [est]

PERFORMANCE: [2.0 DISI] 0-62mph 11.0s / Max Speed 122mph

FUEL CONSUMPTION: [2.0 DISI] (combined) 41mpg

STANDARD SAFETY FEATURES: Twin front & side airbags / ABS/ EBD/ EBA/ DCS [est]

WILL IT FIT IN YOUR GARAGE?: length/width/heightmm 4585/1750/1620.