All aboard the coach for a fun journey

Mark Kelly and Kelly Roughley who are on Coach Trip
Mark Kelly and Kelly Roughley who are on Coach Trip
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A LEIGH couple packed themselves on a bus with strangers to take part in a holiday of a lifetime.

Mark Kelly and Kelly Roughley joined six other pairs to take part in Channel Four’s Coach Trip, which starts again tonight,

The couple, of Tyldesley, started their journey, led by tour guide Brendan Sheerin, in Canterbury, before travelling along the Eurotunnel, to Belgium, Luxemburg, France and Italy.

For Kelly, 37, it was a bit of a shock, as despite them being entertainers and radio presenters, Mark, 41, does not like being around strangers.

Kelly, who runs Okey Doke Entertainments with partner of nine years Mark, said: “It was Mark’s idea to sign up.

“He doesn’t like public transport and he isn’t great about being around other people.

“But as we are entertainers, we wanted other people to see the real us, rather than us being the stars of the show.”

The pair, who have two children, Leah, eight, and Beth, four, managed to stay on the trip a week-and-a-half before they were voted off and flew home from Italy.

Kelly added: “We got on fine with the other contestants but there was a division.

“We were the only male and female couple, as the others were either friends, sisters or mother and daughter-in-law. People were either in their 50s and 60s, or in their 20s, so we felt we had no-one to bond with.

“The single members just wanted to be left to their own devices.

“In the first week everyone seemed to get on, but in the second week, there was a bit of back-stabbing,

“The production company said most people go within the first week, so we did well.

“Our plan was to stay for two weeks as we are self employed and have children and needed to get back.

“The whole trip lasts five weeks so we could not be away for the long. It was difficult being away from our daughters but at the same time it was nice to be known as just Kelly and Mark and not mum and dad.”

Kelly added that the pair had done things they would not normally do on holiday, from going on a zip wire and scuba diving to making bird whistles.

Catch Coach Trip weekdays at 5,30pm on Channel Four.