Advise on invasive weeds

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HOMEOWNERS in Leigh are being given expert advice to help prevent the spread of invasive weeds.

A new guide has been prepared by the Property Care Association (PCA) to help residents in the borough halt the growth of three non-native plants; Japanese knotweed, giant hogweed and Himalayan balsam.

The advice pack, which can be downloaded for free, advises people on how to identify the invasive species and what to do if they see them, as well as offering tips on how to remain on the correct side of conservation and environmental laws.

The three plants, which are native to South East Europe and Asia, have caused concern to conservationists, land owners, insurers and banks due to their ability to spread rapidly at the expense of native plants and the damage they can do to hard structures and surfaces.

Giant hogweed can also cause a severe skin reaction and blistering, which is made worse by exposure to sunlight, if it is touched.

For more information or to download the guide, visit