A less gruff citycar

Ford Ka Grand Prix
Ford Ka Grand Prix
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Some citycars take their urban remit to extremes.

They sacrifice cabin and boot space, performance and capability away from the city streets in order to become as nimble and fuel efficient as possible.

Ford’s Ka takes a more rounded approach and probably has more in common with larger superminis than the latest crop of tiny city runabouts.

The 1.2-litre petrol version on which the Grand Prix is based will be more cost effective than the diesel for most buyers and a hard car to beat if you’re in the market for a truly multi-purpose citycar assuming you don’t mind the three-door-only bodystyle.

It’s quieter and what noise there is, is less gruff in tone. Most citycar buyers will find performance more than adequate and this entry-level Ka will feel considerably stronger than basic versions of rival products.

The Ka is well capable of undertaking motorway journeys without making you feel like a Yorkshire terrier in a greyhound race. It also has good cornering stability for a small car thanks in part to Ford’s introduction of a rear anti-roll bar to brace the chassis that the Ka shares with Fiat’s 500 and Panda models.

The modern Ka isn’t the design icon that the original proved to be but it’s a stylish, well built and desirable small Ford.

Even with this entry-level petrol engine installed, it feels more grown-up than the majority of citycars while still retaining the manoeuvrability and ease of use around town.


CAR: Ford Ka 1.2 Grand Prix

PRICES: £11,225 - on the road



PERFORMANCE: 0-60mph 13.4s / Max Speed 99mph

FUEL CONSUMPTION: (combined) 57.7mpg

STANDARD SAFETY FEATURES: Twin front & side airbags

WILL IT FIT IN YOUR GARAGE?: length/width/heightmm 3620/1658/1505mm.