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Suzuki Swift Sport
Suzuki Swift Sport
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The Suzuki Swift Sport has been a car that didn’t always look great on paper but made all kinds of sense after a B-road blast.

The latest model looks to retain the fun factor but build on the sort of things that get customers into the showroom in the first place. It’s quicker yet cleaner, drinks less fuel and offers a far more impressive interior. Best of all, the premise of its predecessor has been carried forward. Yes, it needs to broaden its appeal, but at heart the Swift Sport has always been a car for those who know their onions.

The incremental improvements to this car will appeal to keen drivers. The engine power increase has been modest, the latest car massaging peak horsepower up from the old car’s 123 to a still distinctly manageable 134bhp. Straight line performance improves marginally, but Suzuki has devoted much of their attention - and rightly so - to developing the Swift’s chassis dynamics so it offers even more poise and control. Get your sensible hat on and you’ll appreciate the fact that carbon dioxide emissions are trimmed from the old car’s rather unspectacular 165g/km to a more manageable 147g/km. Fuel economy improves as well, with the combined fuel figure easing up from 39.8 to 44.1mpg.

The problem with this car is that it looks so similar to its predecessor for much of the public to cotton onto the fact that it’s a different car. Yes, there’s an argument for sticking to a formula if that formula’s been successful, but the Swift Sport is a car that has always undersold its talents. For those in on the secret, what’s stopping you?


CAR: Suzuki Swift Sport

PRICE: £13,499


CO2 EMISSIONS: 147g/km

PERFORMANCE: 0-62 8.7s / top speed 121mph

FUEL CONSUMPTION: (combined) 44.1mpg

STANDARD SAFETY FEATURES: ESP stability control, traction control, ABS with EBA & EBD, seven airbags

WILL IT FIT IN YOUR GARAGE?: Length/Width/Height mm 3890/1695/1510.