10 funny, rude and ridiculous product names

Have you tried it?
Have you tried it?

Lots of you are talking about the children’s bubblegum sweets Camel Balls, after one parent branded them “explicit”.

So we’ve taken a look at some other products on the market to see if they really have the worst name out there.

Here are some of the ones we’ve found - how many of these can you remember?

Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls:

A family favourite with a variety of sweets in their range. But you can’t beat this classic. They’re still available to buy today so what are you waiting for?

Snot Shots:

The sour-flavoured bubbly may not be seen in shops that often now, but they’re doing a roaring trade online. Do you remember them?

Hanky Panky popcorn:

A toffee relic of the 70s. Coated in caramel and packed full of nuts, this really was the only thing to snack on while watching the telly.

Charms Blow Pops:

As a child, a cheeky lolly on a trip to the shops was the perfect treat. Did you ever get bought one of these?

Weasel Puke Coffee:

Artisan coffee is certainly the “in” thing at the moment. But is this taking it too far? A strange way to get a different flavour.

Civet Poop Coffee:

Same as above. Would you try it?

Cock flavoured soup mix:

In supermarkets near you, a different kind of chicken soup.

Heinz Spotted Dick:

A classic British pudding, perhaps, but one that always baffles our neighbours from other countries. Tastes better than it sounds!

Mr Brain’s pork faggots:

You’ve definitely seen these in the supermarket at least once. Admit it. Have you ever bought them?


Another confectionery favourite and in a variety of fruit flavours too. Get down to your local sweetie shop and get a quarter in a paper bag. Apple, cherry or blueberry?