TV programme insight into Kim’s life at camp

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A LEIGH teen battling with alopecia has been followed by TV cameras as she met up with fellow sufferers.

Kim Slack, 13, who was diagnosed with alopecia areata two years ago, is the subject of a BBC documentary about youngsters living with the condition.

The yet-to-be-named programme, produced by Lambent Productions, is part of the My Life series aimed at children,

It follows Kim as she discusses how losing patches of hair, her eyebrows and eye lashes affects her confidence and her journey as she joins other sufferers at The BeBold Alopecia Camp, in Scarborough.

Kim, a pupil at St Mary’s Catholic High School, in Astley, said: “I did lots of activities at camp like horse riding and acting classes and more importantly I made lots of new friends who have alopecia and I was able to share stories.

“Some days I feel really low about it and I want it to go away, but other days I am really upbeat.”

Her mum, Sue, said: “The cameras followed her before she went to camp, during and then at home afterwards, so we can see the difference it made and how it has built her confidence.

“I think Kim was chosen because at 13, she was old enough to handle the filming side of it, especially as she has been in front of the camera before as she had a small part in Hollyoaks.

“The film crew are returning in a couple of weeks and hopefully they will see a slightly more outgoing person.”

Julie Heathcote, of Lambent Productions, said: “Kim was chosen because she is very articulate and perceptive.

“She has had issues with her confidence but the camp has made a huge difference.”

The programme is expected to air on the BBC in January next year.