Prolific little chef is a Comic Relief marvel

Darcie-Rae Campbell
Darcie-Rae Campbell
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A KIND-hearted young baker has raised almost £1,000 for Comic Relief with her exploits in the kitchen to help children living in poverty.

Four-year-old Darcie-Rae Campbell, from Atherton, has raised the astounding total through baking cakes after being upset by a TV advert showing children in Africa having to drink from muddy puddles as they have no access to clean water.

Darcie-Rae Campbell making cup cakes for Comic Relief

Darcie-Rae Campbell making cup cakes for Comic Relief

The youngster got her apron on after great-grandma Glennis Wagstaff suggested she could use her love of baking to help those less fortunate than herself, raising £21 on her first day.

However, since her parents Kealy Hurst and Shaun Campbell set up a Just Giving page and mentioned the baking on Facebook the fund-raising effort has snowballed massively.

So far Darcie-Rae has raised around £930 after baking around 700 sweet treats and is delivering them every night around Atherton with her proud mum Kealy.

Kealy, 23, said: “Darcie-Rae saw the advert with children drinking from a muddy puddle and got extremely upset because she thought they might get poorly or die.

We are very proud and think it’s amazing at four years old she wants to do something so special

Proud mum Kealy

“At first she wanted to give them our taps so they would have clean water but she decided with my grandma that she would bake some cakes and sell them along the street.

“I put it online and it just went crazy, she raised £250 that night. Her first target was £100 and her dad and I were a bit sceptical because that’s a lot of money for a four-year-old to raise, but it’s now at more than £900 and the Facebook page has been shared 200 times.

“It’s amazing, I can’t believe how quickly it has escalated. She’s really bright and asks every few hours how much she has raised.”

Darcie-Rae, of Car Bank Street, is currently baking every day and says she will continue to produce fund-raising treats in the kitchen until Red Nose Day on March 13.

She is currently receiving around 20 orders a day and is travelling with Kealy as far afield as Tyldesley and Hindley to deliver cakes which have been requested on Facebook.

Darcie-Rae has also been spreading the word about her charity efforts when out and about with her parents.

Kealy said: “She comes out with me every night to deliver them and she’s got a little tub which she collects the money in and which has information about what she’s doing on the front. We use an old wicker basket to put all the orders in.

“She loves weighing all the ingredients out herself and mixing the cakes, I just have to put them in the oven.

“She tells everyone what she is doing. We were buying ingredients in Asda the other day and she was telling the lady at the side of us all about it.

“We are very proud and think it’s amazing at four years old she wants to do something so special.”

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