Patience pays off for The Portlands

The Portlands
The Portlands
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FOLK-rockers The Portlands can certainly subscribe to the saying that good things come to those who wait.

The five-piece, who blend American country music with British folk, a touch of stadium rock grandeur and vocal harmonies influenced by the likes of Simon and Garfunkel, are finally preparing to release their latest EP, Noctilucent.

The band laid down the tracks last summer, working with Jerry Donahue of folk-rock legends Fairport Convention, before problems delayed the release until next month.

The band, guitarist and lead vocalist Dook Dootson, 24, guitarists and backing vocalists Nick Dunai, 24, and Tim Isherwood, 24, bassist David Isherwood, 23, and drummer Max Winnington, 21, are relieved fans will finally hear Noctilucent.

Dook said: “The title refers to a type of cloud, which is illuminated by the sun at night. It’s a light in the dark image, a reminder that in hard times there’s always positives.

“Recording the EP was great. Jerry is just a brilliant guitarist with incredible technique.

“To sit and jam with him was a terrific life experience.”

The EP will be released on The Portlands’ own label, Dusk Records.

Dook said: “The label is all about bringing people together, and our band name is derived from that too.

“It’s a homage to the scene in Portland, Oregon, where everyone helps each other out and lends equipment and instruments. That’s what we’re about too, helping promote the music rather than individual egos.”

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