One Minute Manifesto - Andy Burnham

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WHO will get your vote on May 7? Let our One Minute Manifesto videos help you make up your mind.

The Leigh Reporter has challenged the five candidates vying for Leigh’s parliamentary seat to sum up their key issues on camera and tell you why they deserve YOUR vote ... all within 60 seconds.

Who will get your vote?

Who will get your vote?

The short format has been chosen to keep the Westminster election hopefuls on their toes.

And we have been strict on the time limit, there’s no time for electioneering waffle here, short, sharp and concise have been the watchwords.

With the upcoming election dubbed by many as the most important in a generation, we’re hoping these video shorts will help voters make up their mind for May 7.

Take a look and see which issues your candidates view as important for Leigh.

Second up is Andy Burnham, Labour Party.