New therapy hope for Braiden

Braiden-Lee Prescott, three, back home in Leigh after his trip to the USA for cancer treatment, with brother Tyler, two
Braiden-Lee Prescott, three, back home in Leigh after his trip to the USA for cancer treatment, with brother Tyler, two
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DOCTORS have offered fresh hope to Braiden Prescott and his family after his return home.

The three-year-old from Leigh was forced to abandon pioneering American treatment for an aggressive neuroblastoma last week after medics confirmed he had suffered a relapse before it could take effect and there was nothing more they could do.

But after speaking with consultants at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, his parents, Wayne Prescott and Stephanie Reece, now seem more optimistic about further therapy,

The tot has undergone tests on his bone marrow and will start his first set of three doses of chemotherapy on Monday.

Wayne, 34, said: “We are taking each day as it comes.

“Flying back home without the result we wanted was devastating.

“But there was no point in staying when doctors said there was nothing more they could do.

“We have gone from having been told bad news in America and coming home thinking there was nothing for Braiden, to speaking with a consultant in Manchester, who says there are things they can give him.

“Doctors will test if there is cancer in his bone marrow and he will be given three lots of chemotherapy to try to clear the tumour in his shoulder and go from there.

“Once he has that, he will have scans and if it is working, he will have extra chemotherapy.

“Once we get to that stage of the tumour clearing, or completely cleared, the consultant has recommended going for further revolutionary treatment in Germany, but we have not thought that far ahead yet.

“If the first stage over here doesn’t work, the treatment in Germany won’t happen.

“But the consultant seems pretty hopeful there are things that can be done.”

Wayne added that Braiden is coping well and was glad to be back home with family and friends.

Wayne said: “He is fine, like a normal three-year-old, playing with his younger brother Tyler.

“You would not think he was ill and he is eating well, which he wasn’t a few months ago.”

The family is still fund-raising to cover the cost of the treatment in America - which was to have been £250,000 - and so far more than £140,000 has been raised.

They may also need funds for the further treatment in Germany.

Anyone wishing to help Braiden, who is supported by charity Neuroblastoma Alliance UK, can donate via the fund-raising website, or by text message by texting BRLE99 and an amount to 70070.