New dance era for the Turnpike

New dance sessions from LUDOS dance company at Leigh's Turnpike Gallery
New dance sessions from LUDOS dance company at Leigh's Turnpike Gallery
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A CULTURE boom is continuing at Leigh’s Turnpike Gallery.

Dance classes have now been introduced at the rejuvenated centre following the success of the Bolton’s Octagon Theatre’s new drama drop-in sessions there.

The prestigious Ludus Dance Company’s interactive workshops cover various contemporary and street styles.

Gareth Davies from the Community Initiative Trust in Leigh said that activities are growing, making the Gallery a hive of activity.

He added: “Donna North from LUDUS is delivering the sessions and she has a wealth of experience in teaching and delivering performing arts including working in sixth form colleges and high schools. Therefore having extensive experience working with individuals who are aiming to get varying levels of qualifications. So she is the perfect candidate for the job.”

Donna has also been a part of several successful application and audition processes for students now at the London School of Contemporary Dance, Laban School of Contemporary Dance, Arts Education and Guilford School of Acting. She has also danced as part of Darkin Ensemble which toured the North East with a contemporary dance performance Talking Cure. And Donna performed professionally in The Demon Headmaster and Jack and the Beanstalk at Manchester Opera House and Crewe Lyceum.

Free summer activities took place on Wednesday for seven to 11-years-olds, and are being held next Monday from 10am to 4pm for those aged 12 to 14 and Monday August 18 for ages 14 to 19.

There will also be workshops each Monday in September from 4.30pm to 8.30pm and a Turnpike Dance Company is to be created.

Auditions for 14 to 19-year-olds take place on Monday September 8.