Fitness and fun the saucy way

Nicky Yates - Burlesque dance lasses
Nicky Yates - Burlesque dance lasses

GRAB your feather boa and silky gloves, ladies, the chance to learn the sultry art of burlesque dancing is here, courtesy of a former dancer from Haydock.

But don’t get too excited just yet, fellas - this is more girl power than pulling power, according to organiser Nicky Yates.

She’ll be holding a one-off dance class, teaching everything a girl needs to get in touch with her inner burlesque dancer and follow in the sexy footsteps of current queen of the genre, Dita von Teese.

“There’s more to burlesque dancing than titillation,” said Nicky. “It’s a chance for women to have fun, lose their inhibitions and get fit.”

Nicky, a former professional dancer who lived for several years in Haydock but now lives off Park Road South in Newton with husband Paul, who is from Wigan, came up with the idea after setting up her own choreography business.

“We do all sorts of different dance classes, including theme dance parties, and burlesque is one of the ones that we get asked for a lot,” explained Nicky.

“I think because it is a lot of fun but also women enjoy it because it isn’t very technical, so it can be a lot of fun.”

She will be holding a taster event on Friday night at St Helens College where women can try out some of the more well-know routines. If it proves a success, she hopes to hold regular classes.

Said Nicky: “I’ll be teaching the dance moves and hopefully be putting together a bit of a routine. It’s going to include plenty of props, too, like chairs and feather boas, so it is going to be a lot of fun.”

Nicky’s own 13-year career as a professional dancer took her around the world, dancing live shows as well as in music videos. She retired from the business 12 months ago and now dedicates her time to her dance business, NY Dance.

“The popularity of burlesque has gone a lot more mainstream over recent years, thanks probably to a couple of films and the dancer Dita von Teese,” said Nicky, 32.

“When you get a group of girls together to do something like this, they can really let go of a few inhibitions and enjoy themselves. It is a really fun and friendly environment. It is all very tongue in cheek.”

Nicky’s class takes place on Friday, May 3 at The Gym in St Helens College between 6.30pm and 8pm, priced £5.

To book a place call Nicky on 07976 600761 or simply turn up on the day, although place are limited. For more details visit