Feel sexy this Valentine’s Day

Feel sexy this Valentine's Day
Feel sexy this Valentine's Day

THERE’S still time to feel sexy for Valentine’s Day without the need for 50 Shades of Grey.

Here are Xercise4Less’ saucy steps to looking and feeling great:

Food love

To lose weight quickly and safely, diet is essential. Chocolates for Valentine’s is such a cliche anyway.

Eliminate sugary and fatty foods, this includes white grain products like white rice, bread, pasta and cakes. You should see a difference on your waistline because sugars and carbs in certain foods cause bloating around the tummy. These food groups digest quickly, which means you’re more likely to be hungry sooner and will often over eat to compensate.

Head personal trainer at Xercise4Less, Tom Cowen added: “Eat fresh vegetables and fruits and you’ll notice a big difference. Complex carbs from vegetables digest slower, making you feel full for longer. Try eating five small portions a day and keep a food journal for the week to keep a close eye on how many calories are being consumed.”

Hot tip: Making food with your partner is a great way of enjoying the experience together and often makes you more conscious of what you’re adding.

Feeling Fresh

Whether you’re gulping down an isotonic sports drink or consuming an energy boosting smoothie, most drinks are packed with calories and preservatives that make it difficult to achieve weight loss.

Drink lots of water instead. Water has zero calories and carbs, which is the perfect drink for slimming down fast! The body stores water, which often is the reason we look bloated. Oddly by drinking more water your body flushes out the stored water and speeds up the metabolism, which means burning more calories. Each person is different but generally drinking just three litres of water a day, the body will flush out around four pounds of stored water in under a week, giving you a flatter, toned tummy and feeling good in that sexy underwear.

Hot tip: water improves skin and stimulates a healthy glow – just in time for a romantic night!

Heat It Up

Said Tom: “To see a difference fast, intensity is key as this sort of workout seriously burns calories. I suggest big compound exercises, such as a squat or deadlifts. Resistance exercises burn calories even after your workout so these two combined target more than just one part of the body – excellent for quick results.

“Don’t worry if you have a hectic schedule, HIIT training is great for short bursts of calorie burning workouts. It’s time efficient and it’s proven to burn more fat and calories in the 24 hours after aworkout than a long, steady workout would! The Tabata App for your phone is free and provides a great way of interval training.

Tom added: “Too often, people cut corners when it comes to exercise. But it doesn’t have to be difficult, here are some alternatives you can make to your day: take a walk on your lunch break; bike to work instead of taking the car; take the stairs instead of the lift. All these small changes mean you burn calories, which start to add up over time.

“The great thing about exercise is that it can be done anywhere: try 10 reps of 100 metre sprints, 20 star jumps and lunges or if you’re feeling adventurous and in the mood for Valentine’s Day already dance like no one is looking for two minutes and repeat – and enjoy it!

Hot tip: Getting a little steamy under the sheets is also a great workout.

Follow these tips to lose weight fast easily and safely, changing your metabolism and looking slim and sexy. Xercise4Less does state that there are no quick fixes, if you want to maintain a perfect figure then a long term plan of healthy eating and exercise are key.

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