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WE’VE enjoyed summer, what there was of it, and now Christmas is looming.

Is it me or does it seem to start earlier every year?

Of course, we blame the shops for setting out Christmas goodies too early but really we should be thankful because how bad would it be if everybody had to do all their present and food shopping in, say, a two week period.

And for those who prefer to get their home ‘just so’ for Christmas visits from relatives, that would really be leaving it late.

If you are one who enjoys the warm colours of autumn and winter, the roaring fires and tightly closed curtains, and who wants to make their home as warm, safe and secure as can be, this special feature is for you!

If it’s warmth you want C & J Plumbing can sort you out with central heating or/and a new boiler ensuring your home beats the winter freeze.

Nothing warms a home more than carpet, especially new carpet – call in at Hamlett Carpets for one of the widest selections in the area.

What could be better for Christmas than new laid carpet – impress your guests with the feel of sinking into lush floor coverings.

Of course, if carpets leave you cold there is always the choice of other floor coverings including laminate and wood.

If it’s more space you need make your attic an extra living or sleeping space with the help of Attic Ladders or invest in a conservatory from Quality Conservatories.

With insulating blinds and heating, a conservatory is the perfect place to watch snow blanketing your garden – always assuming you don’t have to go out in it.

Make your home secure by ensuring gates will lock and fencing is solid – Conquest Fencing is a good place to start or you could try MSE Joinery

The recent high winds will have demonstrated which fencing panels are loose, which gates are rickety so make your list now.

Help make sure your home is safe and comfortable for yourself and family and friends with the help of the advertisers on this special feature.