A taste for adventure

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REAL ale lovers in Leigh will be spoilt for choice over the next few weeks as a large pub chain launches its annual festival.

Wetherspoons will be offering customers the chance to sample more than 50 cask ales, included a record-breaking selection from overseas, in a 19-day festival at The Thomas Burke pub on Leigh Road.

Curious drinkers will be able to enjoy any three of the ales in a special glass holding one-third of a pint for the price of a full pint, and there will be tasting notes on all the beers.

UK ales include Ghost Train from the Box Steam brewery, J.W. Lees’ Moonraker ale, the Crafty Devil made by Thwaites and the Tring brewery’s Squadron Scrabble.

The 10 overseas ales will offer intrepid drinkers the chance to go on a unusual tour of the world’s breweries, with countries from off the beaten beer track such as Japan, Lithuania and Italy sending ales over to be sampled alongside traditional craft ale nations such as Germany and the Netherlands.