Region is worst for dental visit worriers

Do you fear the dentist?
Do you fear the dentist?

North West people experience more symptoms of anxiety when waiting for a dental appointment than anywhere else in the country.

The survey, carried out on behalf of solicitors, the Dental Law Partnership, asked adults about their experiences of visiting the dentist and how it made them feel.

The data shows that 94 per cent of respondents in the region have experienced some of the classic signs of anxiety when waiting to see a dentist. This is compared to 79 per cent in East Anglia, 84 in the South West and 87 in London.

Symptoms include: feeling restless, on-edge or panicky; a feeling of dread; dizziness, feeling faint or nauseous; sweating; shortness of breath or a dry mouth; and headache or heart palpitations.

Respondents in the North West said that it was the fear of pain that they disliked most , but the prospect of needles and bad memories of previous visits also featured highly.