MOT changes: half of drivers still in the dark

MOT changes: half of drivers still in the dark
MOT changes: half of drivers still in the dark

Half of British drivers are unaware that the MOT test has recently changed, according to a new study.

In a poll examining knowledge and driver attitudes towards the MOT, researchers found that a full 50 per cent of motorists didn’t realise the test was toughened in May. A further 23 per cent knew there had been changes but didn’t know what they were.

Since May 20, the test has featured tougher emissions testing, new fault and failure classifications and the a number of new checks, including for under-inflated tyres, contaminated brake fluid and faulty running lights. An exemption for cars more than 40 years old was introduced at the same time.

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Cause for concern

The research was carried out by aftercare comparison site Commenting on the survey, its managing director, Scott Hamilton, said: “The change to the MoT test may be a few months old now, but there’s clearly still a lack of understanding of what the changes mean for some motorists. While half of drivers said they didn’t know the test had changed, we’re more concerned about the one in four drivers who don’t know the new rules.

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“Brushing up on your knowledge of the new test will save time, cost and hassle as you’ll be better informed before your visit to the local MoT test centre and this will increase your chances of passing first time.”

The study also found that nearly one in five (17 per cent) of drivers had knowingly driven a car without a vaild MOT.

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