Betting shop smashed up by masked robbers with sledgehammers

Police are hunting for armed robbers who smashed through a betting shop with sledgehammers, trapping staff inside.
3,300 people have been diagnosed with heart failure in the borough

Wiganers are the most at risk of heart failures

Wiganers are the most at risk of heart failure in the region, a damning health report has revealed.

Youngster in the firing line for watching TV illegally

Young TV licence dodgers caught red-handed

Nearly 150 young Wigan adults were caught watching TV without a licence last year, shock new figures reveal.
Jimmy O'Neill

Comic's vile video nasty

A North West comedian is being investigated by police after he posted a vile online video demanding that gay people be made to empty residents’ bins.
North West
Michael Thompson

A danger to society: rapist jailed for 17 years

A man who was branded a “danger to society” by his own mother more than a decade ago has been caged for a series of sickening child sex offences.
The council has introduced the three-weekly black bin collection in an attempt to encourage more robust recycling.

Recycling rates dip could lead to 'significant' fines

A slump in national recycling rates has left the town hall at risk of “significant” financial sanctions, figures reveal.

Trencherfield Mill

Millions lost due to empty business units

Empty commercial space in the borough is costing the town hall at least £6.3m a year in lost rent fees.

Lyndsey Vaux murder trial: Killer must serve at least 18 years and 358 days in prison

Becky Reid has been sentenced to life in prison for the "merciless" murder of Lyndsey Vaux.
The swan was lucky and is now recovering

Swan caught on fishing hook sparks rescue operation

A swan impaled on a fishing hook has been rescued from a borough beauty spot during an RSPCA operation.
Greenfold Way

Greenfield land in Leigh earmarked for warehouse

Plans to build warehouse facilities on four hectares of greenfield land have been submitted to Wigan Council.

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