Rewind to the future: cassettes could be the new vinyl

Any music fan will be aware of how vinyl records have become strangely fashionable again, with the retro format enjoying a resurgence as an alternative mp3 downloads and streaming.
Lottery shake up

You could win £10k for life with new Lottery shake up

Lottery winners could be swapping their multi-million pound prizes for a lifetime monthly payout of £10,000 in a possible new shake up to increase ticket sales.

TV has been doing its best to keep us safe on the roads

VIDEO: 12 classic TV ads for Road Safety Week

We're constantly being told to take more care on the roads, whether a driver or pedestrian - and those doing the telling have got pretty creative over the years
B&M has apologised

Mum blasts B&M over store’s Christmas letter which breaks the ‘unwritten Santa Code’

B&M has apologised after a furious mum accused the store of almost ruining Christmas for her children with one of its products.
£26k car could go for pennies in Black Friday auction

£26k car could go for pennies in Black Friday auction

One lucky punter could land what's been dubbed the greatest Black Friday deal ever - by driving away a brand new car for as little as a few pennies.
Drivers are now 13 times more likely to receive a ticket than a decade ago

RAC warn drivers of increased private parking fines over Christmas

Overstaying in private car parks could prove to be a hidden cost this Christmas as the RAC is warning drivers they are now 13 times more likely to receive a ticket than a decade ago.

Heavy police presence at Christmas markets with barriers and armed cops on the streets

This footage shows the “rings of steel” protecting Britain’s Christmas markets - including Manchester - this year as security is bolstered amid fears of Berlin-style copycat terror attacks.

North West
Inappropriate emails

Are you guilty of sending inappropriate emails?

A staggering 92.6 per cent of Brits think there are certain things you should never do over a work email, with the sending of inappropriate content, kisses and not addressing people correctly, taking the lead.
Apps for kids to explore the world of music

Top apps for introducing your kids to music

Want to introduce your child to music? There’s an app for that.
Do you have one of these coins?

Check your loose change - you could have a 50p worth hundreds in your pocket

Check your pockets, piggy-banks and down the back of the couch now, folks.

Meet the new hijab wearing Barbie

Meet the new hijab wearing Barbie

Mattel has made history by unveiling its first ever hijab wearing Barbie doll.
Music goes right to our emotions immediately

Don't you just love early Christmas music? What do you mean no?

Are you hanging up your stocking on the wall? Of course not, we’re barely in November.

Let your imagination run riot

Beer lovers: Your dream pint flavour is closer than you think

A brewery has invited beer lovers to create their fantasy pint - by asking them to submit the most bizarre flavours they can think of.
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Winter misery

‘Mole-like’ Brits getting less than 10 hours of daylight a week during the winter

Brits are living a mole-like existence - seeing an average of less than 10 hours of daylight a WEEK during the winter months, a study has found.

Have you bought these nuts?

Aldi recalls nuts over allergy fears

Aldi has recalled its Clancy’s Barbecue Flavour Coated Peanuts because they contain cashew nuts, which are undeclared on the label.
Whats on

Director of Hard Cheese and Minister for Milk wanted - dairy industry jobs up for grabs

A string of unusual job vacancies have arisen in Britain's dairy industry - including a Director of Hard Cheese and a Head of Butter.

Caption: A photo of the Northern Lights, taken from Dunnet Head in Scotland (Photo: Sam Flice via PA)

Northern Lights expected to be visible across the UK

The Northern Lights are expected to be visible across much of the UK from tonight (November 9) and over the weekend, bringing a green haze to Britain’s night skies.

Putting the wrong things in the recycling bin can cause cross contamination, causing the entire lot to be rejected and sent to landfill.

Pizza boxes, crisp bags and light bulbs: here’s what not to recycle

Brits could save thousands of tons of recyclable materials from going to landfill by avoiding the country’s biggest recycling mistakes, according to an expert.
The scam in action

Police issue warning over supermarket money-off voucher scam

Police have issued a warning about a new scam currently doing the rounds on WhatsApp involving 'money off vouchers'.

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