"Tainted blood has ruined my life"

Suresh Vaghela is living with the ticking timebomb of life threatening diseases HIV, hepatitis C and CJD.

Some areas of the UK have seen increases of up to 200 per cent

SPECIAL REPORT: Shock haul of weapons seized from schoolchildren

Children as young as four have been caught in school with knives and other weapons, including prison-style “shanks”, on average once a day, it can be revealed, as a Johnston Press investigation exposes the daily crimewave at the heart of the nation’s education system.

Thousands have details traded on dark web

Cyber hackers are trading the details of tens of thousands of the borough’s residents on the Dark Web in a bid to extort them for cash and goods.


Hospital faced mass cyber attacks

Wigan’s hospital IT boffins have warded off more than 86,000 cyber attacks in a little over two years.

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