Zach is our own karate champ!

Karate champ Zach Scott
Karate champ Zach Scott

YOUNG Zach Scott is taking the sporting world by storm.

Zach, 17, won the British Open International Karate Championships in the Under 18s heavyweight category in Glasgow last weekend, before scooping a bronze medal in the openweight category.

The teenager’s success is even more impressive as he only recently returned to competitive martial arts after taking a year off the championship circuit in order to concentrate on his studiesm.

He trains in sport and reality-based karate at the Northwest Karate Academy at the Leigh Sports Village, where his teachers include his dad Steve, himself a former international competitor.

Zach said: “I’d trained hard and went in at the top of my game so I was very confident. The semi-final of the openweight category was a very good fight, neck and neck, and I only just lost it. All in all it was a great experience for me.”

Zach competed at the World Championships in Morocco two years ago, but recently took a break to concentrate on college.

His mum Anne, 51, said: “The break probably did him good, as there was a lot of work at college when he first started and it allowed him to get himself together a bit, although he carried on training.

“He’d also had a few disappointments before his break where the judging hadn’t gone his way and he’d been knocked back a bit, so now he’s won this we’re all thrilled.”

“We’re just hoping now he doesn’t get injured. That’s always the big worry with any sport.”