Earnings drop

THE annual average earnings of full-time workers in 284 occupations in the UK are down in real terms between April 2007 and September 2011, according to a major union.

The recession and inflation is being blamed for the figures, which the GMBN says affects more than 90 per cent of the workforce.

The analysis looked at the annual average earnings of full-time workers in each occupation from official data for April 2007 from before the recession hit.

This is compared with increases in annual average earnings for the same occupations using the same data for April 2010 uprated by the change in the index of average earnings to September 2011.

The increases in annual average earnings are measured against inflation over the same period to calculate the real change in the value of these earnings.

Paul Kenny GMB General Secretary said: “These figures show that the Government’s strategy for an economic recovery is in tatters.

“Everyone from plasterers to IT specialists, from travel agents to midwives, from hairdressers to police inspectors have seen the value of their earnings drop when they have a job.

“It has got a lot worse in the past year as the recovery under way at the time of the election stalled.

“Two thirds of the economy is consumer driven and Osborne must be the only person who does not get it. Squeezing wages, pay freezes and cutting jobs will not restart the economy.

“Using the IMF measures his cuts will reduce real private consumption by 4% and GDP by 3.4% over the next few years.”

The workers who have been worst hit include travel service occupations, legal associate professionals, hairdressing salon managers and sales-related occupations.