Katie enjoys the fame game

SINGER Katie White is enjoying fame as one half of the hot band, The Ting Tings.

Katie, who comes from Lowton, and drummer Jules De Martino are being heralded as one the best new acts to look out for in 2008.

In the next few months there is a debut LP We Started Nothing (released on May 19) plus a full tour, taking in Brighton, Oxford and Glasgow to name a few, and a show at London's Astoria to look forward.

Katie said: "We've been getting to see a lot of places that we've never been to before which has been great.

"Our headline tour has kicked off - it's been good fun and the crowds seem to be enthusiastic about it all.

"We have been used to playing 20-minute sets like on the Shockwaves NME Tour, but now we've expanded to 40 minute sets."

The band released their first major-label single, Great DJ, in March on Columbia Records.

This will be followed by That's Not My Name, originally released last year on independent label Switchflicker. The track, complete with Hey Mickey-style handclaps, will be released a week prior to the release of their debut LP.

Katie, 23, spent her childhood in the Lowton area with her mother, who still lives there.

"I've pretty much spent my whole life there, until two years ago when I moved to Salford," said Katie.

"We have a few stables and I go back to visit whenever I get the chance."